When you become an owner of a property in Spain you will automatically have tax obligations from the following year to the one in which you acquire your property. I.e. if your title deeds are signed along 2015 you will start being taxed on 2016. There is a differentiation between Residents and Non-residents in Spain.…
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Our services

The legal department of Visona Lawyers, is characterized by the deep knowledge of our professionals in each of the areas of law that are related to the world of business and business in general, allowing us to offer our customers assistance efficient, independent and rigorous demanding. Our professionals have the experience and expertise necessary to…
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New website

Since Visona Lawyers, we are pleased to present our new website. Conscious of the need to adapt to the online environment and the importance of projecting a web image according to our identity and values, we performed a comprehensive redesign, in order to provide a more modern and practical web site that allows us to…
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